Access Bars™

What are the BARS™?

I like to see a BARS™ session as an acronym for Brain Acceleration Rejuvenation and Synchronisation session. What more could you achieve in your life and your business after a BARS™ session?

Receiving a Bars™ session lets you clear out the cobwebs and old patterns in your mind and get a fresh perspective of what can change in you life, all with a sense of ease and space. By gifting yourself regular sessions of an hour or more, you gain clarity and say goodbye to years of limiting beliefs, judgments and points of view that have created and defined limits in your life.

What areas can a Bars™ session clear for you?
· Stress or burnout
· Insomnia or unable to meditate
· Pregnancy or postnatal blues
· Aging or weight management
· ADD, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia
· Autism/Asperger Syndrome
· Heartbreak or divorce
· Bankruptcy or bad debt
· Miscarriage or infertility
· Recovering from injury and illness
· Empty Nest Syndrome or clutter overload
· Job change or career switch
· Death in the family or addictions
· Moving house or feeling stuck
· Launching a new business
· Exam Stress or needing better grades
· Life in general…?

It’s actually hilarious when you see a whole list like that and know it can all change with a change in perspective and a change in thinking. I know that your points of view create your reality and with Access Consciousness Bars™ and other Access tools, I know where the points are to change your points of view with ease, joy and glory!

Are you ready to create something different?
Ready for more fun and ease in every area of your life?

BARS™ Sessions

Sessions can be given at a location convenient to you (home, office or event) or by appointment in my own session room. For example at-office lunchbreak sessions, after work sessions at home, or on location at events.

BARS™ Taster Session (at expo’s and events): €20 for 20 minutes

BARS™ Intensive: 60 minutes for €110
10 sessions for € 950

BARS™ Expansive: 90 minutes for €160
10 sessions for €1400

Contact me through my contact page or call me direct for an appointment!
Sabrienna van Rijn +31 (0)6-10 428 418 or Skype: relocateyourlife

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How does it get even better than this?