Sessions & Rates

All sessions can be given at a location convenient to you (home, office or event) or by appointment in my own session room. For example at-office lunchbreak sessions, after work sessions at home, or on location at events.

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Access Energetic Facelift™ Sessions

Mini Facelift Session (20 minutes): €50
5 Mini sessions for €225
10 Mini sessions for €425

Facelift Intensive: 60 minutes for €140
5 sessions for €620
10 sessions for € 1200

Facelift Extensive: 90 minutes for €200
5 Extensive sessions for €900
Extensive 10 Session Package for €1700

The 10 session Extensive Package can also include full-body rejuvenation sessions, combined with the Access Energetic Facelift™ sessions and BARS™ for greater effect.

BARS™ Sessions

Bars Taster Session (at expo’s and events): 20 minutes for €20

BARS™ Intensive: 60 minutes for €110
10 sessions for € 950

BARS™ Expansive: 90 minutes for €160
10 sessions for €1400

Contact me through my contact page or call me direct for an appointment!
Sabrienna van Rijn +31 (0)6-10 428 418 or Skype: relocateyourlife

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