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Elegant Living or Casual Living, which would you prefer?

What is Elegant Living?

Elegance is minimum effort for maximum impact.
Casual is marginal effort and minimal impact.

If you’re out to change the world, which would work best for you?

I know what I would choose, and yes, it is a choice. Bummer, right?
Well, what if choice didn’t have to seem so heavy and final? (Like decisions are!)
What if you could choose something new every 10 seconds? You could try it on for size and then if it didn’t fit you, you could try something else on for size in the next 10 seconds.

What if all of life were to come to you with elegance and grace?

You might just get happier and lighter and a whole lot more fun to be with. That could be bad though: everyone would want to come to your party and join in the fun… Now that would really change the world!

Now that you know the difference, which will you choose?

Elegance is just a choice.
Changing the world is just a choice.

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